Wolf Research Project Requirements & Instructions

Although this project is only an assignment, it is expected that you use real world scenarios, methods and tools.

Requirement 1:
Your presentation must include the following:

1. The topic of study (choose one)
  • Wolf Biology (Example: Do wolves sweat?)
  • Wolf Behavior or Ethology (Example: How do pack structure and dynamics influence dispersal?)
  • Wolf Ecology (Example: What is the relationship between the wolf and the caribou in Alberta?)
  • Relationship with Humans (Example: Does non-lethal control prevent livestock loss?)
2. The scientific process you plan to use
3. The geographic region in which your study will occur
  • Use maps to illustrate your study area (Examples on Pages 11-13)
4. Your specific objective (question to answer or hypothesis to test)

5. Specific tools you will implement to facilitate the study
6. A timeline for your study

Requirement 2:
Use a Web 2.0 medium to present your proposed wolf research project. Below is a starter list of tools you may use to create your presentation. You may even combine one or more tools!


Hint: Incorporate Google Earth into your presentation to highlight the geographic region of your study or locations of wolves you plan to track.

Requirement 3:
Images and video must be used to enhance your presentation.

Requirement 4:
Give credit to images and files you have used. Please be conscious of copyright infringement. If you are not sure what that means, here is a video tutorial to help you:

Requirement 5:

The bibliography must include at least five (5) sources with one source being a book. Make sure to cite your sources in APA format.

Requirement 6:

1. Post/Upload/Link your presentation to the Wolf Research Concepts Forum.

2. Give a summary of your project:

  1. What is your topic and main objective?
  2. How does it relate to wolves?
  3. Why is this issue important?
  4. Is your question/hypothesis easy or hard to address? Why?
  5. To meet your objective, where there other questions that had to be answered first? What were they?
  6. Bibliography
3. Review the projects of three other students and post thoughtful comments or questions to each student.