Text to Speech Suggestions

Depending on your configuration of software and devices you will want to make sure you select the tool that works best for you. Keep in mind that many applications, like Mac and Windows operating systems offer their own text to speech options while navigating those systems. Adobe Reader also allows for voice over capabilities when accessing PDF files that may be embedded in courses.

Dolphin Easy Reader

(iOS and Android devices.)

App has been designed for readers with dyslexia, low vision and blindness so the accessibility is built in and it is unrestricted. Browse your favourite accessible book and newspaper libraries. Make the print as big as you need. Add audio to text only titles.

EasyReader has been specifically made for readers with print impairments, so accessibility is the number one priority. EasyReader is developed and tested for compatibility with:

  • iOS VoiceOver
  • iOS supported braille displays
  • Android TalkBack
  • Android BrailleBack

Load and play books from your phone, email or the cloud

  • Open and read accessible books already stored on your phone, tablet or in the cloud.
  • Download and read titles shared by email or from websites.
  • iOS users can drag and drop books into EasyReader.

Thorium Reader

Thorium Reader is a free and open source EPUB reader for Windows 10, MacOS and Linux.

Thorium is accessible for visually impaired and dyslexic people. It is fully usable with keyboard alone and supports navigation and reading with popular screen readers like Jaws, NVDA, Narrator and Voiceover. Other accessibility features include support for high-contrast, customizable font including dyslexia font), color themes, text size and Text To Speech (TTS) read aloud.

Immersive Reader

(Microsoft Office)

This is the most advanced reading software available built in across many Microsoft tools.

  • Change speed
  • Color contrast options
  • Spacing and line focus tools
  • Translation
  • Image dictionary

View the description in the link to access additional resources for Immersive Reader.

Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge is a browser available on Windows and Mac devices. There is a Read Aloud tool built in (other browsers have this as well, but we feel that Edge offers the highest quality text to speech available). This will support any links in courses that take users outside of in course resources. It is not as full featured as Immersive Reader in Office applications, but content can be copied/pasted into OneNote so that they can take full use of those tools.

On a side note, Edge is built from Chromium, just as Google Chrome. If you use Chrome as your regular browser you should find many similarities that will make the transition pretty easy.

If you have more questions about what tools you should use, make certain to reach out via the Help button to ask for support.