Otter - Also allows for transcribing audio from live meetings


600 minutes free every 30 days

You can sign in with a Google account. The app works on a phone, tablet, or desktop. It also ties into Google Meet so you can caption/transcribe those meetings.

Suggestion for use:

Start recording next to your device while audio is playing during a presentation or meeting. You can watch captioning occur as words are being spoken. This is not exact, but it is decent for real-time. Be sure to let the meeting facilitator know if you require a captioned recording. We do our best to make them available during Google Meet presentations and after sessions are recorded, but are not always able to connect live captioning to Zoom sessions. You are able to turn captioning on in Google Meet for your own use.

Basic Feature

It will record the audio coming from your computer’s speakers and transcribe it, as well as timestamp the text. This works great for attending webinars so you can jump right to specific portions of the transcript

Advanced Features

  • Add comments to specific portions of your audio transcript

  • Add photos to your notes
  • Share with others

  • Connect the application to your calendar to automatically assign notes to meetings.

  • Listen back to recordings

  • And more!