Course Introduction

"Welcome" in different languages: Willkommen(German)/ Velkommen(Swedish)/ Bienvenue(French)/ Benvenuto (Italian)/ /歡迎光臨 [欢迎光临] (huānyíng guānglín) (Chinese, Mandarin)/ Dobro požalovat'!(Russian)/ स्वागत (svāgat) (Hindi)/ Soo dhowow (Somali)/ Karibu (Swahili)/ Bienvenido (Spanish)


Hello Students,

Welcome to the class. I have been teaching Science for more than fifteen years. I like to read, travel and learn about different cultures. I know many languages. I enjoy nature walks and sunset by the lake. I also like to make fleece blankets and collect postal stamps. 

Urgent: Please Read! Please start the course with the five introductory assignments and complete them first. These introductory assignments are labelled as Intro 1, Intro 2, Intro 3, Intro 4 and Intro 5. In few days you will be assigned to a group, then you will have access to all units and assignments. 

Course Expectations:

You are expected to work on a daily basis and turn in work every week, otherwise you and your parents will receive a notification of a "Missing Work" or " Non Responsive(NR)" status. The assignments are accepted only in the Moodle Submission box. 

Assessment of Student Work: All Work will be graded within five days after submission of the assignments. I try my best to grade it within a day or two, but I get huge amount of assignment submissions. If you have questions about your ungraded work, please send me an email after five days of assignment submission. I hope you understand that and thank you in advance for your patience.

The communication is the key to success! I strongly believe in the statement, so please communicate about your needs.This is an online course. Therefore, the best way to contact me is by an email.  I check my email frequently. Most of the time I will get back to you within 24 hours, sometimes it might be two days (for example, if you email me on a Friday night or I am receiving a huge amount of emails.).  

  • If you have any questions or some link is not working or the question is not right or you can not access quiz or if you do not understand something, please send me an email. 
  • If we need to talk, I can connect with you on Google Hangout or Skype, please email me to set up an appointment and give me at least one week notice. 

Policies for tests and Late Assignments:


Unit tests/quizzes are not timed and you have two attempts to do it, your final grade on the test/quiz will be an average of both tests/quizzes.

I expect you to work on a daily basis. You should be turning in assignments every week, otherwise you and your parents will be notified about the missing work.

  • Full Points: In order to earn full points on assignments, you have to turn in work regularly, put in extra efforts, write all details and explain related facts. 
  • Late Work: If you turn in majority of your assignments during the last week of the class, then your work will be considered as late and you may earn 20% less points on the assignments. I will only accept upto five assignments, to be graded in the last week of the course, for full points. Your final grade submission may be delayed.  If you have any questions or concerns about the late work policy, please contact me.

Please see NSO Policy for Late Assignments:


Maintain integrity: Do your work your self, no copying or cheating or sharing of work with other student. If you are unable to maintain integrity, you may loose points on the assignments. 

Progress Reports:

  • Please check the Grade Book  to see your current grade.
  • Check the Checklist in the Moodle  to keep track of your progress. 


Final Grades and Submissions:

Semester and final grades are submitted to the school counselor office within 10 days of the end of the semester.  If you turn in majority of your assignments during the last week of the class, your final grade submission may be delayed further. 

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