AP Computer Science Principles

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Astronomy is a course designed to give students a broad overview of the most interesting aspects of the study of the Universe. Since current research is proceeding faster than textbooks can keep up, this course is designed to be as flexible as possible, and it changes every term. The course covers the history of Astronomy (the oldest science) from the ancient Greeks to Einstein, Hubble, and Hawking; Space Race; Laws that govern the Universe; the Solar System with our Sun, the planets, and their moons; stars; galaxies; and Cosmology. We even take time to look at the possibility of alien lifeforms. The course is fun, current, and filled with lots of really interesting things for your enjoyment.

This Literature course covers various types of writing such as: Short Stories; Poetry; Comic Books; Novels; Media Coverage and various other types of expression that impact American Culture such as video games; television and movies.

Course Syllabus

Students in Environmental Science will be studying the interaction between humans and their environment. This will include looking at the cycling of nutrients, and how living and nonliving things work together.

Course Syllabus

Welcome to Gifted Algebra 1! This is a full year algebra class which uses the Connected Mathematics Project 2 and Discovering Algebra curriculums. Get ready to be challenged and to have fun.

This is a class that will help you draw out the innate creativity that already lives within you. There are a variety of activities that will help you get in touch with your inner creative being and use your creativity in every area of your life.

In this Introductory Japanese course, you will learn the basics of the Japanese language.

The emphasis is on learning to read and write Japanese, although speaking and listening activities are also included. By the end of this course, you will be able to communicate basic information in Japanese, and will be able to read and write in hiragana, the first of the three Japanese alphabets.

This resource will provide you with sample activities and resources that will help you to customize content for your students. Highlighted features include: Groups/Groupings; Lessons; Completion Tracking; Restricted Access; Student Analytics

Study how markets work, and gain a real understanding of the role of economics in business and in public and private decision making. Learn ways to think about how humans allocate resources, including markets and prices, consumer and producer behavior, and risk and cost measurement. Use this knowledge for further study in economics, or apply it to your everyday business dealings to make more effective decisions.

This course focuses on the major world religions as practiced in America. The study of the world's religions is a lifelong journey. This course is designed to give you structure to help you organize your thoughts and enable you to make intelligent assessments about religion. You will be introduced to each faith by leading advocates of the tradition. Religion is a basic building block for society worldwide, and this course will enable you to grow in understanding and appreciation of the many faith communities around the world. 

How will we interact with the world around us which is changing faster than many people can keep up? This course will use a mixture of old stories (Norse Myth and Othello) as well as the most recent events of the day to determine a balance between technology and humanity.

Students will work on the processes of preparing, evaluating, and delivering multiple forms of written communication using the the most current technologies available. Students will work both individually and in groups for class assignments.

Course Syllabus