Do you know what skills you will need to financially navigate the next five years of your life? Are you constantly wondering where your money went and why you don’t have enough? This course is a MUST before you graduate and gain financial independence from your parents. 84 percent of 18 – 22 year-olds admit that they wish they had gotten more financial management education in high school before they were personally responsible for their own money management (, 2013). In fact, 7.2 percent of students drop out of college because of debt or financial pressures before graduating, leaving them with all the debt and stress, but no college degree. Laying a strong financial foundation gives you the opportunity to someday have the home, cars and lifestyle you dream about. Personal Finance is designed to develop your knowledge of financial management through hands-on training in financial goals and budgeting. You will develop tools for financial success, saving, investment and credit. Highly recommended for seniors!


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This section is for students who wish to prepare for the ACT, Accuplacer, SAT or College Math and English. You will be able to select a goal for Math and/or English readiness. The course uses an assessment and creates a learning path to help you fill in any skills gaps you might have. This is a resource for students and is not facilitated by an instructor. If you want a facilitated version please register through the GeniusSIS site.

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