Please view the following list to see if any of your issues may be related. These are known problems with various browsers:


  • Chrome does not run JavaScript applets. If this is required you will need to access material in another browser.
  • FireFox versions (Mac) must be running in 32-bit mode to display QuickTime content properly. Solution: Open Applications folder in Finder; right-click on FireFox; select: Run in 32-Bit mode).
  • Some embedded videos contain closed captions. This does not work in FireFox.
  • Click and reveal objects in courses are revealed. This only impacts page layout and design, you will still be able to access your materials.
Internet Explorer (IE)
  • IE 10 Text editor may not appear
Solution: Click on the compatibility mode button in your Address Bar. It looks like an icon for a broken page:
Last modified: Tuesday, July 7, 2015, 10:32 AM